Governing Body

The school is a Voluntary Aided school (under the auspices of the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education) and it reconstituted in line with the Statutory Guidance, on 27th July 2015. There are 18 Governors appointed:

  1. 2 Elected Parents
  2. 1 Nominated by the Local Authority (London Borough of Bromley)
  3. 1 Elected member of Staff
  4. The Headmaster
  5. 3 Co-opted
  6. 10 Foundation Governors, appointed:
    1. 2 by the Lord Bishop of Rochester
    2. 2 by the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education
    3. 1 by the Chapter of Southwark Cathedral
    4. 2 by the St Olave’s & St Saviour’s Schools Foundation
    5. 1 by the University of London
    6. 1 by the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy
    7. 1 by the Dulwich Estate

The Governing Body has established a number of committees to which it delegates day to day responsibility for the oversight of various aspects of the running of the school:

Admissions/Information Committee

All arrangements for Year 7 and Year 12 entry, including the test procedures and results; Oversight of the production of the prospectus and ensuring that necessary and appropriate information is made available to prospective students and parents/guardians;Oversight of the website and wider marketing of the school.

The Chairman is Mr M Lovett

Finance Committee

Initial oversight and management of the annual budget drawn up by the school;Ensures the school maintains an appropriate system of internal financial control;Agrees priorities for revenue and capital funding.

The Chairman is Mr M Lovett

Curriculum/Personnel Committee

Ensures the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum;Reviews term dates and the length of the school day;Receives reports of faculty reviews and monitors the Link Governor scheme;Reviews school performance data and ensures lessons learnt are addressed;Provides strategic advice and guidance on staffing and personnel issues;Reviews proposals for the promotion of staff.

The Chairman is Ms J. Cattell

Premises Committee

Oversight of the management and maintenance of the school premises;Reviews proposals for capital projects and ensures best practice in procurement and implementation of works;Provides advice and guidance on premises maintenance issues;Lead responsibility for Health & Safety and monitoring of associated statutory requirements (eg Fire safety, Legionella etc).

The Chairman is (This post is currently vacant)

A number of further committees are established as and when required, including Pupil Discipline (Chairman: tbc), Staff Discipline (Chairman: Mr R Highmore), and Appeals (Chairman: this post is currently vacant). A Governors’ Steering Group, to discuss strategic issues facing the school, meets as and when required (tbc).