KS4 Art

This course is a stepping stone towards A-Level and a wide variety of courses in higher education and careers. The department is very successful in placing students in a variety of degree subjects – Architecture (applicants are asked to provide an Art Portfolio and complete Art projects), Graphic Design, Foundation Art Courses, History of Art and other related courses.  GCSE and A-Level Art are regarded as evidence of a broad education, even for the most academic courses including medicine, at all universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

Trips, visits and workshops are an integral part of the course, in the UK at GCSE and abroad at A-Level.  This course provides students with a wide range of activities, and its practical nature and scope for lateral thinking make it stand out from other GCSE courses.

Students taking Art should be confident in their practical skill, their ability to generate ideas, their ability to work independently and have a genuine interest in the subject.  The course is entirely assessed on two coursework projects.

Year 9 and Year 10:

In Year 9 students complete a foundation course of short exercises, spanning areas of study that incorporate:

  • Fine Art – Painting, sculpture, printing, drawing, …
  • Graphics - Digital illustration, book and magazine design, typography, …
  • Digital Photography - Use of DSLR cameras, photography manipulation, …

Component 1:  Art and Design Portfolio [60%]

In the autumn term of Year 10 pupils will make the decision as to whether they wish to specialise in Art & Design, Fine Art, Graphics or Photography. The Art and Design Portfolio preparation commences in November of Year 10, and runs through to the end of the autumn term of Year 11.  All students will have to submit evidence of using drawing to support the development process in both Component 1 and Component 2.

Year 11:

The autumn term is for the completion of Component 1 (60%) culminating in 10 hour controlled assessment where students create a final piece based on their previous work.

Component 2:  Controlled Assignment [40%]

The question paper is distributed after the mock exam period.  Preparation then takes place until the 10 hour exam at the end of April. All preparation is taken into the exam room and is submitted for assessment along with the final outcome.

Both the Art and Design Portfolio and the Controlled Assignment are marked in four sections.  These are: Research, experimentation with materials, recording ideas and, finally, a personal response.

Full details of the GCSE Art course can be found at: www.aqa.org.uk