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A-Level Art

This subject can be either ‘unendorsed’, which means taking two specialisms, or endorsed, where the Coursework portfolio and the Controlled Assignment are from one subject specialism.

At least Grade 7 in GCSE Art is required by students who wish to study Art at A-Level. Students will confirm whether they will be sitting AS or continuing to A-Level in the first half of Year 12.

There are three courses available to students:

  • Fine Art: Painting, drawing, sculpture, lens-based imagery, alternative media.
  • Graphic Communication: illustration, web design, advertising, packaging, multimedia.
  • Photography - Lens-based media: Lens-based imagery, digital imaging, the moving image.

AS Units

(internally assessed and externally moderated)

Personal Investigation [preparation studies] (60% of AS-Level)

This is a combined written and practical unit, linking Historical/contextual/contemporary themes and/or artists with pieces of practical artwork in any media.

  • Candidates produce a portfolio of work from starting points, topics or themes of their choice.
  • The focus is on including work that shows exploration, research, acquisition of techniques and skills.
  • This includes a 3000 word essay on a related topic.

​Controlled Assignment [100% of AS marks]

  • Candidates select one starting point from an early release question paper.
  • Candidates are then given five hours of controlled time to work on
    developing their ideas to realisation(s)/outcome(s).

A-Level Units

Personal investigation [60% of A Level]

(internally assessed and externally moderated)

This can should continue on from progress made at AS.

• Learners should produce two elements:

  1. a portfolio of practical work showing their personal response to either a starting point, brief, scenario or stimulus, devised and provided by the learner or centre
  2. a related study: an extended response of a guided 3000 words. Controlled Assignment (20% of total A- Level]

Externally set task [40% of A-Level]

(internally assessed and externally moderated)

The early release paper will be issued on 1 February and will provide learners with a number of themes, each with a range of written and visual starting points, briefs and stimuli.

A response should be based on one of these options in the form of a 15 hour piece of work.

Associated careers

The dept. is very successful at placing students in higher education in all the appropriate disciplines – Art Foundation, Architecture, Photography, Graphics and Art History.


The Art Prefects assist in many ways; running the Art club, Photography Club, Art History Society and a GCSE mentoring system.  Students also contribute to the very popular ‘Artist of the Week’ program.

Regular trips are undertaken, to galleries and museums. During the October half term, the department runs trips to Artistic hubs across the world.  Previous destinations have been Amsterdam, Florence, Copenhagen and Berlin.  Every summer there is an exhibition of Sixth Form Art, recognised as outstanding by examiners, parents, governors and students alike. Gifted and talented pupils are directed towards courses and workshops, and we are involved in many extracurricular activities throughout the school.

Full details of the A Level Art course can be found at :