Current Olavians  - students and parents/carers

At St. Olave’s we seek to build a supportive community where excellence is both celebrated and sought after; where a broad focus on scholarship and cultural enrichment is underpinned by a strong set of values. All students at St. Olave's are provided with opportunities which nurture and develop their talents; in return, each student is expected to engage critically in the learning process and to develop his or her abilities to the fullest possible extent.

This section of the website is intended for existing students and their parents, whilst also containin curriculum information pertinent to study at the next point of entry for prospective students. Curriculum information relating to current cohorts (2020-21 is available HERE)

The links on the left-hand side, provide information relating to all aspects of the school’s operation, including School Policies, Curriculum, Co-curriculum, Pastoral and Safeguarding, copies of General Letters home, Useful Dates, Uniform, Examinations information, Catering, and our Electronic Payment system. Contact buttons are available on these pages and for key staff if you have any pastoral concerns or queries.

Should parents/carers require a paper copy of any information published on our website, please contact the School. 



To avoid confusion, the Curriculum menus to the left, reflect details of courses specific to forthcoming entry points of study, whilst course information relating to current cohorts (Academic Year 2020-21 is available here).

(KS3 = Years 7,8;  KS4 = Years 9,10,11; KS5 Years 12,13.)