The study of English is central to our students’ intellectual and imaginative development. We are keen to promote excellence in the delivery of the curriculum and create a culture in which students enjoy a wide range of literature and consider it normal to speak and write with confidence about a range of ideas.

In Years 7 to 8 students are taught in form groups to develop increasing sophistication and grammatical accuracy in the key skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing. Our schemes of work embrace poetry, drama and prose, both modern and pre-twentieth century. A Shakespeare play is studied in both years with an opportunity to see a performance at the Globe Theatre in Year 7. We are particularly keen to foster an enthusiasm for reading and work closely with the Librarian. There are Elocution and Debating Clubs; poetry competitions and visits by poets; theatre visits and enrichment days.

Year 9 marks a transition to focus on the skills of literary analysis and formal essay writing necessary for Key Stage 4. Building on students’ enthusiasm and experience we extend the difficulty of the texts studied whilst maintaining creativity and intellectual stimulation. We are keen to extend the range and ambition of our students’ reading.

Students in Years 10 and 11 follow two interwoven courses in English, which result in the award of two separate GCSE grades. We currently follow the Edexcel specification for English Language and English Literature. We aim to make our students articulate, analytical, clear and concise writers who are confident communicators.

In the Sixth Form students pursue the OCR Specification; a traditional, highly academic A Level Literature course that enhances their breadth of reading and analytical skills. There is an opportunity for re-creative work in the AS coursework and extended independent study at A2. Classes benefit from having the guidance of two teachers and much of the course is achieved through class discussion, complemented by student presentations and essay writing.  Our cohort enjoys a gender balance that encourages mature, sophisticated discussion. 

Ms A. Wilkie 

Head of English


Suggested Reading List  - Children and Young Adult Fiction

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