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The Environmental Society and Eco Schools Programme at St. Olave's

If we refuse to reuse, it's the Earth we abuse

Welcoming to the pages dedicated to the work of our Environmental Society.

St. Olave's Environmental Society, founded in 2016, is our student-led steering group for the Eco-Schools programme. We are taking on some of the world's biggest problems: climate change, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, world hunger and poverty.

Eco-Schools is an exciting schools programme that runs in more than 50 000 schools in 67 countries, reaching over 19 million students. It is run in the UK by Keep Britain Tidy, and it helps schools to champion both environmental education and action, empowering children and teenagers.

We achieved the Eco-Schools Silver award in July 2018, and we are now going for the Green Flag award during the Summer of 2019. From reintroducing recycling, to creating a school vegetable garden and planting 600 trees, we are making St. Olave's happier, cleaner and greener. 

Excited? Us too.


Please use our links to the left to discover more about us, our current campaigns and project  work, campaigns and what we have already achieved and how to get involved.

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Individually, we can make a difference. Together, we are unstoppable.

Sam Gee and Rohan Selva-Radov
Year 11 and 9
Student Chair and Deputy Chair