Examination Results

The pursuit of excellence and a culture of achievement permeate all that happens in this school: it is engrained in our character.

Academic results achieved by students are among the very best in the country, leading to places at top universities, art and music colleges. Individuals and teams achieve success consistently at national level in academic competitions, sports and a broad range of activities. These outstanding levels of performance are part of the ethos of the school and are supported by the Individual Pupil Monitoring Scheme, where challenge grades are set for each student based on their own potential. Excellence is celebrated in assemblies, awards ceremonies and prize days held for each age group.

Teaching is geared to challenging and extending every student to go beyond the acquisition of knowledge and acquire the ability to process complex information and understand advanced concepts.

Both GCSE and A-Level results over the years have been good, with overall ‘pass’ rates at or close to 100% mostly at grades which have secured consistently high places for the school in national league tables. Virtually all students proceed to higher education, usually including several successful applicants in a variety of subjects to Oxford and Cambridge (more than one hundred in the last five years).


At A-Level 96% of grades achieved were at A*/B grades. A total of 76% of all grades were at A*/A,  34 students gained straight A* grades in at least 3 subjects.

91% of GCSE grades achieved were A*/A (or the new 9/8/7) in Mathematics and English. A total of 68% at A* grade. 34 students achieved 9 or more A* grades.

These results are presented below, including previous year's results to ease comparison.

Historic Examinations Statistics 

GCE A-Level Results 2016 and 2017

GCSE Level Results 2016 and 2017


Our Progress 8 Score is 0.95 

BASS (Boys’ Academically Selective Schools) analysis shows that St. Olave’s ranks as the No 1 school in this Grammar School group for GCSE unreformed subjects. We ranked No 2 including the new reformed English and Mathematics, as well as No 2 for the overall Attainment 8 measure.

Progress 8 measures achievement as distinct from attainment.Based on their performance at the end of KS2 (Primary School) the government calculates a target grade that every student should get at GCSE in every subject. If a student gets the target grade in a particular subject, that counts as a progress score of 0. If they get one grade lower than the target, that’s a progress score of -1; one grade higher gets a progress score of +1, and so on. The progress scores in a defined group of the best 8 subjects for every student are then averaged to produce the Progress 8 score for each school. In the case of St Olave’s, this being almost 1 means that, on average, the school is adding value by 1 grade to every GCSE taken, compared to what government data would have predicted. Because a very significant proportion of our students are so bright that their target grades are all A*s, and because it is impossible to do better than this, their progress score is effectively capped at 0. This is a particularly challenging problem for Grammar Schools. However, it also means that the school must be adding particularly good value to students who are not at the very top of our cohort  to receive a Progress 8 score of nearly 1 overall.