St. Olave’s Grammar School celebrates a stunning 96% A*/B grades at A-Level with a total of 75% of all grades at A*/A . Fantastic GCSE results too with 90% of grades at A*/A or the new levels 9/8/7 in Mathematics and English. 67% at A* level


The French department aims to make boys proficient in the use of the French language.  This involves not only linguistic competence but a thorough understanding of the different cultures of the French-speaking world.

Boys are introduced to French in Year 7 and carry on studying the subject in Year 8 with an emphasis on practical linguistic competence. A large number of students choose to study French at GCSE and we have a significant amount of linguists who decide to study this language at a more Advanced Level.

The department believes in the importance of bringing a language to life by spending time in a country in which it is spoken.  Year 7 and 8 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of day-trips. It is expected that pupils studying GCSE French will participate in a residential study in Normandy or an exchange with a school in Bondues near Lille. In the Sixth-Form, most students spend four days in Paris to visit its landmarks and to live like un parisien ou une parisienne.

Our aim is to teach engaging and fun lessons, while providing our students with a sound understanding of the grammar underpinning the language. Our native-speaker assistants contribute to the achievement of excellent levels of oral competence of both our middle-school and upper-school students.

We are passionate about fostering in our students a love for languages and culture. Students in the French department are taught about French literature and advanced culture as well as taken beyond the A level syllabus in their linguistic work. 

Ms K. Zwanziger, Head of MFL



Current cohort (2017/18) curriculum information