Römer townhall in Frankfurt The department aims to get students to enjoy German and use the language competently, in both written and spoken form, in order to enable access to the cultures of German-speaking countries.

Boys start in Year 7 and many choose to continue to GCSE and beyond.  They are encouraged to use and enhance their German language skills on various trips.  Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a trip to the Aachen Christmas market. The theatre company Onatti performs a German play to students in Years 9 and 10.  In Year 10, students can take part in our exchange with the Starnberg Gymnasium near Munich, and a 5-day trip to Berlin alternates with an exchange with the Hölderlin Gymnasium in Heidelberg in the Sixth Form.  

We aim to dispel any sense that German is difficult through active use of the language in lessons, using a variety of interactive materials, and the fact that English and German have so much in common because of a shared linguistic history.  GCSE and Sixth Form students are supported by a native German speaker who helps them practise their speaking skills and prepare for the oral examinations.

We provide first-hand access to German culture; for example, through literature and German films, both in lessons and beyond, and encourage our students to search for and use authentic materials themselves using sources such as the Goethe Institute, television and the internet, as their increasingly advanced German language skills enable them to do.  Our aim is to promote love and understanding of other cultures through genuine interest, sound knowledge, openness and first-hand experience. 


Mrs L. Probodziak, Head of German