Guidance for completing a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) for Year 7 Entry to St. Olave's Grammar School for September 2019 Entry

The online application deadline has now passed

Before completing this SIF please ensure that you have read the Arrangements for Admissions to Year 7 Entry in September 2019 and the School’s Admission Policy 2019-20. The SIF consists of four sections.

Please ensure you have the following information available to complete your submission.

Section 1

  • Candidate’s full details, including name, address, date of birth. If the candidate will be in Year 6 in September 2018 and his date of birth is outside of the range 01.09.2007 to 31.08.2008 inclusive, please telephone Admissions for further advice.
  • A good quality recent (within the last year) passport style photograph showing the candidate's face, which will need to be uploaded. The photo file will need to be less than 2MB (which is 2048 KB) in size.

Section 2

  • Details of Parent(s)/Carer(s) living at the same address at the candidate.

Section 3

  • Name, address (including postcode) of the candidate’s current school.

Section 4

  • Details of any SEND, known medical needs or other issues which may require positive action on the day of the Entrance Test, which will need to be uploaded. Please refer to SEND arrangements for Year 7 Entry 2019 for further information.

Please note that the SIF will not be complete until you click the “Submit Now” button at the end of Section 4. When successfully submitted, you will receive an automated reply containing a copy of your application and the unique candidate number (UCN), which you should quote in all future correspondence.

Applications must be submitted by 6th July 2018. It will not be possible to submit your SIF after this date.

Please note that any false information could lead to the withdrawal of the offer of a place.

In line with GDPR legislation, our Prospective Student Privacy Notice  sets out what personal data we collect, hold and use during the application process.