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Key Stage 3 Design & Technology

A programme has been designed so that all pupils follow a common foundation course. Design and Technology is compulsory in the lower school and pupils can later opt to follow take the subject at GCSE and A-Level. The lower school framework is based on the National Curriculum and certain GCSE criteria. The emphasis is to provide all pupils with a course which offers a rich experience and develops capability in all areas of study. The main elements of the course are related to Designing and Manufacturing Products.

During the year, students rotate through three modules and have four fifty-minute periods per fortnight in Year 7 and three fifty-minute periods per fortnight in Year 8. During these periods they will gain knowledge and experiences of a range of Design and Technology areas and after a 12 week programme of study, pupils rotate through the following assessment projects:

Year 7

  • Engineering                                (Vehicle design and make)
  • Food Technology                        (Cultural Foods)
  • Resistant Materials                     (Materials and processes)

Year 8

  • Mechanical Engineering              (Grabber)
  • Graphic Design and Food           (Snack foods on the go)
  • Resistant Materials                      (Materials and processes)

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Designing: (including research and analysis, ideas, sketching, model making, teamwork, presentation and use of ICT).
  • Making: (including use of tools and machinery, electronic processes, material construction techniques, technical drawing, planning).
  • Theoretical Knowledge: (including, systems control / electronics, material technologies, industrial practices).


This is set in line with school policy, homework is set once per fortnight. It may be a follow up topic covered in the lesson, revision for a test or in preparation for the following lesson.

Equipment and Design and Technology Folder

Pupils are expected to purchase the following equipment in preparation for the years study programme and ensure it is brought to each lesson.  Most of the equipment can be purchased from WH Smiths or Woolworth’s and some in the main school library.  Under Health & Safety Guideline all pupils are expected to wear an apron which can be purchased from school outfitters.

  • Apron
  • A4 Ring Binder Folder
  • A4 Clear Plastic Sleeves (Approx 40)
  • A4 Section Dividers (4)
  • HB Pencil
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Pritt Stick
  • Small pair of scissors
  • Black fine liner pen