Key Stage 3 Geography

Year 7


Autumn Term

Plate Tectonics

  1. The structure of the Earth/Tectonic theory
  2. Plate margins
  3. Types of volcanoes and AC/LIDC case studies
  4. Earthquakes and AC/LIDC case studies
  5. Human preparation and responses to tectonic activities

IPM Assessment: Tectonic Activity- Where do volcanoes and earthquakes happen? What are their effects?

Autumn/Spring Term

Geographical Skills

  1. OS Maps/Symbols
  2. 4+6 figure grid references
  3. Contours and Height on maps
  4. Distance and Direction
  5. Latitude and Longitude
  6. Map Projections
  7. The UK, Europe and World Map

IPM Assessment: Geographical Skills test

Spring Term


  1. Types of fuel
  2. Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy
  3. Generating electricity
  4. Oil and Fossil Fuels
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Futures

IPM Assessment: A letter or speech to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change trying to persuade him/her to invest in renewable energy

Summer Term


  1. Settlement site and situation
  2. Settlement shapes and function
  3. Settlement hierarchy
  4. Urbanisation and land use patterns
  5. OS map interpretation

IPM Assessment: Settlement Investigation (evidence to be gathered in a joint Geography/RE fieldtrip to Farningham, Eynsford and Hulberry)


Year 8                                     


Spring Term


  1. Causes of conflict
  2. Darfur case study
  3. How conflict affects Geography
  4. How Geography affects conflict
  5. Case study of Iraq

IPM Assessment: The impact of conflict on the level of development in a country

Autumn/Spring Term


  1. Processes at the coast
  2. Types of waves
  3. Tides
  4. Coastal landforms
  5. Protecting the coast

IPM Assessment: How should the coast be managed?

Spring Term

Locating a Manufacturing Industry

  1. Trade
  2. Location of industry
  3. Manufacturing processes

IPM Assessment: Locating a cake factory



  1. Glacier formation
  2. Living near glaciers
  3. How ice shapes the land
  4. Map skills: glaciation

IPM Assessment: Teacher assessed throughout topic

Summer Term

Weather And Climate

  1. Factors affecting weather and climate
  2. Britain’s climate
  3. Climate graphs
  4. Types of rain & cloud
  5. Weather systems

IPM Assessment: Microclimate Investigation report (data to be collected during local field trip)