GCSE English Language

GCSE English Language is taught as part of a single integrated course with English Literature. Assessment will be through written examination. 
Students will follow the OCR GCSE Language specification. They are taught in form groups.
Year 9 marks a transition to focus on the skills of literary analysis and formal essay writing necessary for Key Stage 4. Building on students’ enthusiasm and experience we extend the difficulty of the texts studied whilst maintaining creativity and intellectual stimulation. We are keen to extend the range and ambition of our students’ reading. There will be greater emphasis on reading non-fiction and media texts and writing in timed conditions to prepare for the GCSE. 
PAPER 1: Non-Fiction and Transactional Writing 50%
Section A: Reading two thematically linked, unseen texts with a focus on close reading analysis, evaluation and comparison.
Section B: Non-fiction writing to test the ability to adapt style and language to a range of forms, audiences and purposes.
PAPER 2: Fiction And Creative Writing 50%
Section A: Reading two thematically linked, unseen fiction extracts to demonstrate skills of analysis, evaluation and comparison.
Section B: Writing to engage the reader, using language, form and structure for effect.
Spoken Language
This is a separately endorsed, internally assessed component which is then moderated by the examination board. Students are assessed on the following skills:
  • Presenting information and ideas, selecting and organising information effectively and persuasively
  • Listening and responding appropriately to questions and feedback
  • Expressing ideas using Standard English when appropriate.
Full details of the GCSE English Language course can be found on the OCR English Language GCSE website.


Miss A. Wilkie, (Head of English)