GCSE Mathematics

St. Olave’s follows the Edexcel course. The subject is assessed by three equally-weighted examination papers of 1.5 hours in length (two calculator papers and one non-calculator paper).

Mathematics is a linear subject: new work often depends on previous knowledge. A consistent effort throughout the whole course is therefore essential.

Year 9:

At the start of Year 9, students are placed in one of five sets. There are two parallel higher sets (1a and 1b), one middle set (2) and two parallel lower sets (X and Y).

Year 10:

At the start of Year 10, students are placed in one of five sets. There will be two parallel top sets (sets 1a and 1b) and one middle set (set 2) and two smaller parallel lower sets (sets X and Y).

  • Set 1a and 1b will follow an accelerated scheme of work aiming to complete the majority of the GCSE syllabus by December of Year 11.
  • Set 2 will follow a (slightly less) accelerated scheme of work.
  • Sets X and Y will continue the standard course.

Year 11:

All classes sit their GCSE at the end of Year 11.

  • Set 1a and 1b will initially finish the final topics of the GCSE course. The sets will then continue by studying some concepts within AS level and sit OCR Free Standing Unit in Additional Mathematics.
  • Set 2 will complete the GCSE course alongside studying some of the concepts of the AS course to help consolidate the more complex topics within the GCSE course. 
  • Sets X and Y will continue with the GCSE course.

Full details of the GCSE Mathematics course can be found at www.edexcel.com.