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12 Sept - Success in Cyber Discovery


Massive congratulations to Francois Poh in Year 11 who triumphs in Cyber Discovery, a nationwide programme backed by HM government to introduce students to ethical hacking and cybersecurity. It is split into four stages: Assess, Game, Essentials and Elite.

The first stage, Assess, has 13 problems (and a hidden 14th). These start easy, but the difficulty quickly ramps up. It covers Cryptography and web applications. Francois not only succeeded in the Game phase by completing 150+ problems on cryptography, using Linux, Python, forensics, web applications and more but moved onto Essentials phase by completing advanced cybersecurity topics, that go well beyond the GCSE content. He completed the exam and got invited to the Elite stage, a residential camp with further courses on ethical hacking by professionals. 


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