6 May - Year 8 Samba Workshops


Summer is nearly here – well, the weather has at least tried a few times (!) – and where would we be without the rhythms of Rio’s Mardi Gras carnival, ringing through the music rooms?!  On the Thursday and Friday of Activities Week 1, the four Year 8 forms each had a half-day workshop, learning about samba music: how it came about, its importance in the festival tradition and of course how to play the rhythms which make up the music of this effervescent culture.  Each form developed the skills of performing some quite intricate patterns as part of a group and, importantly, listening to each other; some had a go at some solo creativity and even leading the ensemble.  In anticipation of the forthcoming annual competition, each House crafted its own unique take on the Samba Batucada and started to sharpen the precision of playing together.  The House Samba Band of the Year 2017 event will take place at the Parents’ Association Summer Family Fun Day, where we look forward to hearing the products of the students’ work.


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