6 May - Year 8 Geography trip during Activity Week 1


Year 8 students enjoyed beautiful weather for their Geography trip to Priory Gardens, Orpington, to study microclimates. The trip, spread over two days, saw students working in groups to investigate climatic differences on a micro-scale in the Gardens. Students investigated the difference in temperature surrounding buildings, water and at different surfaces. Students had an interesting day, also working hard on their own additional hypotheses with some students investigating differences in wind speed and direction, others choosing to examine the influence of vegetation on microclimates. An enjoyable day was had by all, staff were impressed by the students engagement and diligence to their investigation, and excellent data was collected due to the clear and sunny days, meaning students had thought-provoking results to analyse and draw conclusions from in their final write up.

Charlotte Benham
Assistant Head of Year 13 and Geography Teacher Saint Olave’s Grammar School

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