8 Sept - World Challenge expedition to Croatia


This summer three teams of Year 8 and 9 students travelled to Croatia to take part in a World Challenge expedition. Timed to clash with one of the fiercest heatwaves to hit Europe in some time, the students had to battle the sweltering heat at every stage of the trip.  Luckily, there were plenty of opportunities for them to cool off - whether this was swimming in the beautiful Adriatic after kayaking across to a picturesque bay set under an ancient ruin, paddling in the picturesque Croatian rivers with crystal clear water or submerging themselves in a freshwater mountain pool after a hot day hiking. As well as the challenges of cooking for themselves, working as part of the team and sleeping in tents, the students had to climb up into the mountains of the Paklenica National Park, staying in a traditional mountain hut where the only way to replenish supplies was by using mules. The highlight of the trip was kayaking along the Zrmanja River surrounded by forests covered in electric blue dragon flies before reaching the final campsite for a well-deserved meal. This was a fantastic trip and surely one that the students will never forget. 

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