4 Jan - Olavian Poet Laureate for 2018 announced


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW POET LAUREATE for 2018: Edwin Roberts and to our RUNNERS UP: Ben Davies and Jamie Perry We were delighted by the response to our Poet Laureate competition and so excited to read all the incredible entries. Our first English Newsletter is available to view via the Current Olavians/Curriculum/English pages of this website.




Edmin's first School poem is below:

The Letter to Phyllis by Edwin Roberts 

“Dear Phyllis,” I began to write, 
“The end of our love is in sight 
The days of trading precious moments are gone, 
Our union broken, our marriage done.” 
I promise to you I didn't want to upset her, 
We could go our separate ways, live life for the better, 
An explanation was due, I thought, 
And mutual understanding would be my reward, 
I enlisted a quill and some parchment to help 
(Lest all manner of guilt did deal me a skelp!) 
To tell her my sorrow, and regret and doubt, 
That a love like hers could ever again come about, 
I reminded her first of the times we shared, 
Both fun and exhausting; the deeds we dared 
Each other to do, like in the fields of wheat 
(And now I hear her friend’s in 10 Downing Street!) 
I committed a page, then two, then three 
To the years we spent sailing the sea 
Back and forth across channels and ponds 
To exotic lands, and joyful songs 
But soon the anthem began to bore 
And the eye of other women, I admit, I saw, 
For Phyllis’ song lost its spirit somehow, 
And she mumbled and grumbled and fretted and frowned 
The final straw did one night come 
When her gold ran out, leaving me with a sum 
Of debt to be paid. How unfair! 
I couldn't possibly pay. I'm not a billionaire! 
I told her I'd keep her safe and secure 
Lest other men steal fair Phyllis’ allure 
But I knew from the staid welcome of her guests, 
That for me, the party had ended, but I digress 
Enough was enough. Time to leave. 
I sealed the letter, hers to receive 
But imagine my dread, growing greater and greater 
To find fair Phyllis would still be my next door neighbour!

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