2 July - Year 7 Natural History Museum Trip


After a relatively short train journey to the Natural History Museum, we left our bags downstairs and decided where our group would go first. (The “Is it nearly lunch?” questions had already started!).
Our group quickly rushed to the gems section, trying to get thee first, and were immediately stunned by the wide array of multicoloured stones on display. There were so many different specimens in different colours and shapes. We could have spent a whole day just looking at them!
Then there was a realistic earthquake simulator. We would have stayed on, but with limited time, we moved to the dinosaur section. Spread across the ceiling were gigantic skeletons of ancient predators. Cue excessive amounts of photos!
Then… It was lunch. The thought of which caused a competitive sprint to the outside picnic area where we would eat. After we had broken the world record for fastest eating of packed lunches’, there was an impromptu game of catch. Then we had about 45 minutes to see some more exhibitions. 
We decided to go to the Cocoon, an eight-storey high tower of scientific expeditions. My favourite part of this was where we got to see real life scientists at work, extracting DNA and creating chemical reactions. 
Sadly, it was time to go, after a fun-packed day of exhibits, gems and dinosaurs. It was an amazing trip and I hope to visit again in the future!

By Benjamin Dakshy, Year 7



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