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St. Olave’s Grammar School celebrates a stunning 96% A*/B grades at A-Level with a total of 75% of all grades at A*/A . Fantastic GCSE results too with 90% of grades at A*/A or the new levels 9/8/7 in Mathematics and English. 67% at A* level

The Old Olavians

Welcome to the Old Olavian community, the purpose of which is to ensure that St Olave's alumni, alumnae and staff can keep in touch with their school and with one another via a range of social and cultural opportunities, and to ensure that current Olavians can benefit from the expertise, support and advice of their predecessors. Once an Olavian, always an Olavian. 

The Old Olavians exists for the benefit of former students of the school and was founded in 1882. There are a number of affiliated societies and a number of events are held throughout the year.


The society has created a website for former students to stay in touch. It provides:

We can also be contacted via the following links: 

Click below to access our Facebook page and "Like" it to receive regular updates on forthcoming Old Olavian events, and re-establish contact with old friends:




We have a thriving network of Old Olavians connected via LinkedIn - click below to join the Old Olavian LinkedIn group:



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