School Grounds

Throughout this academic we have worked hard to make sure that we could minimise the amount of litter we had on our school grounds as much as possible – with around 1000 pupils coming in every day this would inevitably be quite a challenge!

In April, The Environmental Society organised a Great British Spring Clean event (part of Keep Britain Tidy), to reduce the amount of litter on the school grounds and raise awareness of the levels of litter around the school site. We were delighted by the number of eager students who took part, and managed to collect an impressive 18kg of litter in just 25 minutes. all helping to protect wildlife and our school grounds ! 

Yet another project that we have facilitated was the planting of approximately 600 trees around the school site.

Just before Christmas break 2018, students in Years 7 and 8 took to the fields with their shovels and saplings, in an afternoon off timetable led by the English Faculty, and now the trees are doing very well, with many already producing leaves.

In several years' time, these will have grown into larger bushes and trees – the perfect habitat for animals, especially birds, and also doing our bit to help combat some of the larger issues such as climate change and pollution that our generation faces.


Nam Le and Ojas Tiwari
Year 7 and 8
Co-heads of the Litter Topic

Organised by Environmental Society, 25 Olavian students took part in the national Great British Spring Clean, collecting around 18kg of litter in 25 minutes,