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Help for Students and Guidance for Parents/Carers During School Closure due to Coronavirus - is available below and Here

School Closure due to Cononavirus

The School will be fully closed from 30th March until further notice.  

Latest update letters, circulated 3rd June, regarding postponed return:

 Yrs 7-9;    Year 10 Return;    Year 12 Return 

The School will continue following the Department for Education for early years providers, schools and further education, Public Health and Bromley LA  advice.  Updates or guidance relating to this ongoing situation will be communicated to students, governors, parents and staff by email via In Touch, a notice on the School website: www.saintolaves.net and via the School’s Twitter account (@saintolaves). Information will also be published below.

We are aware that this an evolving situation and it is likely that things will continue to change. We will continue to issue new information and guidance as appropriate, together with resources which parents/carers and students may find helpful whilst school is closed, below.

Students must ensure they look at their Year Group’s “Unexpected School Closure” course on MOODLE for work to be completed. Some staff may leave messages within MOODLE which direct students to go to Microsoft Teams for information on work to be completed. Work will be published by 9:30am on the first day of closure. Student are expected to check for updates and to check their school email accounts and Microsoft Teams regularly.

Supporting the Olavian Community during the Coronavirus Pandemic 


Please see the LINKS BELOW for current updates from Gov.uk, copies of any letters home during this period, tips for supporting your families working remotely and whilst home.



Please CLICK HERE to access additional resources and guidance to support your academic and pastoral needs whilst school is closed. Please remember that we are still here for you

A notice will be posted on our website announcing a return to normal schooling and the regular timetable. Further details regarding unexpected school closure can be found in our Unexpected School Closure Policy.

Please also scroll down to the DOWNLOADS section below where you will find additional letters that are circulated during the current closure, alongside useful advise /guidance/ tips regarding remote learning for pupils and parents/carers supporting them during the current situation.

You may also like to see a flavour of some of the brilliant work and activities our amazing students are achieving during the current lockdown.

We are aware some Olavians are having difficulties accessing MOODLE due to the unprecedented increase in its' use..please be patient and if you find you cannot access MOODLE, leave it for a while before trying again.  In the meantime please also use your Office 365 Teams and school emails accounts. 

Copies of general letters home will continue to be published on the following webpages:

External Examinations - Summer 2020

Other Letters during school Closure


Competitions and activities whilst school is closed
Computing Dept. - Remote Learning Protocol for students during school closure
Easter Holiday Entertainment ideas from Mr Haines - 06.04.20
Notice to parents/Carers regarding unexpected school closure protocols
Public Examinations - Coronavirus - Letter from Mr Budds, 25 March 2020
Staying Mentally Healthy during Self Isolation
Tips for Staying Mentally Healthy During Self Isolation
Tips for working remotely, for Year 7, from Mr Wearn
Top tips for remote learning
UCAS hosting live Q & A Session - Thursday 30 April via Facebook
Work Set for Students Protocol in the event of an Unexpected School Closure