Year 7

The transition from primary to secondary school can be a daunting one and we recognise this and try to make the first year as smooth as possible. Students are placed into one of four forms groups. They are looked after by a form tutor, who sees them twice a day and will remain with them until the end of Year 9. As well as the tutor, the Head of Year and Assistant Head (Pastoral) are proactive in offering monitoring and guidance to students. Furthermore, students are mainly taught in these form groups, to help ensure that they make strong and supportive friendships as early as possible.

The Head of Year specialises in working effectively with the primary schools to ensure continuity from Key Stage 2 to 3.  Students have a carefully managed induction process which is very much supported by the PSHE programme. If, at any time students require additional care and guidance, there are a number of avenues open to them. Each form will have two Sixth Form Prefects attached to them, there is an on-site Bromley Y Counsellor and the School Chaplain is available to all.

Students have an induction day at the beginning of Year 7 to ease the transition process, which includes team-building exercises to help students in the new tutor groups integrate. There is an information evening for parents in September which allows both students and parents to settle into life at St Olave’s as quickly as possible. Students also have a one to one tutorial with their tutor in the Spring Term to check progress and for the tutor to offer advice so that students are able to maximise their potential early on in their school careers.