Year 8

In Year 8, the students remain in the same form and with the same form tutor as in Year 7. However, they will be overseen by a new Head of Year who will oversee their progress until the end of Year 9. As well as the tutor, the Head of Year is proactive in offering monitoring and guidance to students, supported by the Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral). The School Chaplain and our on-site Bromley Y Counsellor are also available to all students for additional mentoring. 

There is a tutorial day at the beginning of Year 8, where students have a one-to-one meeting with their form tutor to set the agenda for the forthcoming year. There is also an Options Evening early in Spring Term, where the Deputy Headmaster and departments provide information about GCSE courses, which students follow from Year 9 onwards. The PSHE programme supports the Options Evening so that students and parents are able to make well-informed choices.