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Year 9

In Year 9, the students remain in four forms, but as a year group they enter our new three-year Key Stage 4, and begin the three-year GCSE courses.  The Head of Year and tutors remain with their forms from Key Stage 3, and the form tutor remains the primary point of contact. As well as the tutor, the Head of Year oversees the guidance and monitoring of students during their first year at Key Stage 4, supported by the Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral). Additional support can be accessed by all students through the School Chaplain and the on-site Bromley Y Counsellor.

There is a tutorial day at the beginning of Year 9, where students have a one-to-one meeting with their form tutor to set the agenda for the forthcoming year. It is an exciting time, when students begin looking forward to the next stage in their Olave’s careers and embark on the subjects that they have chosen to follow at GCSE.