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Entry to Year 12 is on the basis of academic ability demonstrated by achievement at GCSE. Confirmed places in Year 12 can therefore only be allocated following GCSE Results Day in August. The minimum qualification for entry into Year 12 (the entry requirements) is 9 GCSE grades with a total points score of 63 to include:

  • Grade 7 or higher in subjects to be followed to Advanced Level (or related      subjects)
  • And at least a Grade 6 in English and Mathematics
  • Grades at 4 or lower will not be counted
  • GCSEs in unreformed subjects or iGCSEs with the old letter grades: the          system A*=8, A=7, B=6 will apply; C grades or lower will not count.

All students in the current Year 11 at St Olave’s Grammar School who meet the entry requirements and their course requirements will automatically obtain a place.

All applicants will be invited to a familiarisation event during the Summer Term which will give a flavour of life as an Olavian. Those who wish to be considered for a place must upload their grades on GCSE results day. Offers of places will be made the day after GCSE results day, and on a rolling basis until all our places are filled. 812 applications were received for entry in 2023. 

In the event of over-subscription from external candidates places will be offered to students who meet the entry criteria in the order set out in our Admissions Policy (see below) and subject to maximum set sizes not being exceeded in individual subjects. It is important to note that the School may not be able to offer places to all external applicants who meet the minimum entry criteria. A waiting list will be compiled and maintained until the end of September of Year 12.  

Please note:

Applicants must have the legal right to be resident in the United Kingdom at the start of and for the duration of their A-Level programme. 

Full GCSEs are the only qualifications considered for Entry to Sixth Form. Qualifications taken in addition to GCSEs (e.g. Free Standing Maths; AQA Certificate in Further Maths; RS Short Course) are not taken into account for the minimum qualification criteria for entry into Year 12. 

Admissions Policies are available here

Sixth Form Information Booklet (External Applicants) 2024/25