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Name Date Category
'Newsquest' Young Reporter Scheme ( for Yrs 10 - 13) 08th Oct 2020Whole School
8th January - Important Information Update 05th Jan 2021Whole School
Additional Parent Webinar – Helping Children with Fears and Worries 20th Nov 2020Whole School
All-Weather Pitch 29th Mar 2021Whole School
Anti-Bullying Week - 16 - 20 November 16th Nov 2020Whole School
Back to School - Infographic re transport 01st Mar 2021Whole School
Black History Month Show – 14th October 2021 16th Sep 2021Whole School
Black History Month Show on 14 October 23rd Sep 2021Whole School
Change to the school day timings 04th May 2021Whole School
Change to the Timetable from Wednesday 10 March 2021 05th Mar 2021Whole School
Changes to Year 11 & Yr13 Mock exam Timetable 01st Jan 2021Whole School
Chemistry at home Competition 15th Dec 2020Whole School
Chemistry at home competition - guidance 15th Dec 2020Whole School
Clarification of Symptoms of Covid 19 from LBB 25th Sep 2020Whole School
Classics Lecture Afternoon on 3rd March 2021 25th Feb 2021Whole School
Coronavirus update - Department of Education: holiday period NHS Track and Trace support 14th Dec 2020Whole School
Covid 19 - When to self isolate reminder 20th Nov 2020Whole School
Covid 19 - Vaccination in school reminder - 12 - 15yr olds 12th Oct 2021Whole School
Covid 19 - Vaccination in school reminder - 12 - 15yr olds - INFO FROM NHS 12th Oct 2021Whole School
Covid 19 Update 14th Sep 2021Whole School
Covid Testing 04th Jan 2021Whole School
Covid Update - Friday 20th Nov 20th Nov 2020Whole School
Covid update - Yr 12 23rd Nov 2020Whole School
Covid Update -2 27th Sep 2021Whole School
Covid Update from Mr Rees 17th Dec 2020Whole School
Covid Vaccination programe for Yrs 7 - 11 23rd Sep 2021Whole School
Covid-19 Testing in school 18th Dec 2020Whole School
Data Collection Sheets - Please review and update as necessary 08th Oct 2021Whole School
Drug and alcohol awareness workshop webinar - Tue 16 March 02nd Mar 2021Whole School
Early Closure - advanced warning 11th Nov 2020Whole School
Earth Day Webinar, to be held online on the April 22nd 31st Mar 2021Whole School
End of Spring Term Arrangements (Wednesday 31st March) 25th Mar 2021Whole School
End of Term Arrangements 11th Dec 2020Whole School
Equipment for music lessons 11th Dec 2020Whole School
Face Coverings 19th Oct 2020Whole School
Festival - Friday 18th December 08th Dec 2020Whole School
Festival - Friday 18th December 2020 15th Dec 2020Whole School
Forthcoming Mouth guard fitting opportunities for Years 7 - 12 14th Jun 2021Whole School
Forthcoming PA Used Uniform Sale 30th Jun 2021Whole School
From The Headteacher 09th Nov 2020Whole School
Harvest Collection 05th Oct 2021Whole School
Harvest Collection - Food items list 06th Oct 2021Whole School
Harvest Festival Contributions 2020 23rd Sep 2020Whole School
IMPORTANT INFO RE: Changes to school closure and INSET Days 2021 04th Dec 2020Whole School
Important information re: home school communications 08th Sep 2021Whole School
Important message from the Headteacher 25th Jun 2021Whole School
Individual Photographs – Year 9, 10 and 11 14th Oct 2021Whole School
International Women's day Webinar - Monday 8th Feb 05th Feb 2021Whole School
Knife Crime Prevention 10th Nov 2020Whole School
Last day of term - 31 March - Fundraising activity 25th Mar 2021Whole School
Lateral Flow tests and Wellbeing parents talk 26th Mar 2021Whole School
Letter from Mr Rees - 18 Nov - Covid 19 Update 18th Nov 2020Whole School
Letter from the PTA 18.07.20 18th Jul 2020Whole School
Letter to all Parents - Covid 19 16th Nov 2020Whole School
Lower School Celebration Day (Yrs 7 & 8) - Wed 7 July 18th Jun 2021Whole School
Making use of Covid-19 Catch-up Premium to support Pupils 2020-2021 04th Feb 2021Whole School
Nasal Flu Immunisation (Yrs 7 - 11) - econsent Form 08th Oct 2021Whole School
Nasal Flu Immunisations for Years 7 to 11 on Wednesday 20th October 2021 08th Oct 2021Whole School
Newsletter Issue 92 11th Dec 2020Whole School
Newsletter Issue 94 08th Jan 2021Whole School
Offer to purchase Calculators (Yrs 7 - 11 Non Graphical; Yrs 12 & 13 Graphical) 20th Sep 2021Whole School
Olavian Economist 2020 Special Edition 2.07.20 20th Jul 2020Whole School
oPro - Mouthguards 10th Sep 2020Whole School
PA AGM 2020 04th Dec 2020Whole School
PA AGM Notice 2020 23rd Oct 2020Whole School
PA AGM Notice 2020 24th Nov 2020Whole School
PA Committee Meeting Agenda - Wednesday 13 October, 7:30 pm 06th Oct 2021Whole School
PA Mock Test Practice Papers 16th Nov 2020Whole School
Parent App Re-Launch - Adding to Safe Sender List guide 24th Sep 2021Whole School
Parent App Re-Launch - Letter 2 24th Sep 2021Whole School
Parent Webinar – Helping Children with Fears and Worries 16th Nov 2020Whole School
Physics and Engineering Journal 2020-21 Junior 08th Dec 2020Whole School
PPE 10th Sep 2020Whole School
Re-Launch of the SIMS Parent App - Letter 1 23rd Sep 2021Whole School
Re-Opening of School & Lateral Flow Testing Schedule 25th Feb 2021Whole School
Re-usable branded water bottles 25th Mar 2021Whole School
Reminder of school closure and INSET day 23rd Oct 2020Whole School
Reminder to parents to update emergency contact details via Parent App 06th May 2021Whole School
Rescheduling of INSET day to 3 March 11th Feb 2021Whole School
Return to school - Lateral Flow Testing 12th Mar 2021Whole School
Return to school - Lateral Flow Testing - Privacy Notice 12th Mar 2021Whole School
Revised Year 13 Spring Assessments: 8th - 17th March -Letter 12th Feb 2021Whole School
Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th Feb 08th Feb 2021Whole School
School Closure 05th Jan 2021Whole School
School re-opening 03rd Sep 2021Whole School
School Re-opening - Letter from Mrs Maxwell 05th Mar 2021Whole School
Seeking Voluntary Librarians 21st Sep 2021Whole School
Sports Day (Yrs 7 - 10)- Wednesday 7th July 18th Jun 2021Whole School
Support for Wellbeing 25th May 2021Whole School
Teen Tips - Wellbeing Hub additional guidance 25th Jun 2021Whole School
Temporary Change to the Timetable during Remote Learning - Jan 2021 13th Jan 2021Whole School
Textbook sale - Enviro Society 28th May 2021Whole School
Upcoming Parents' Evenings & Lesson Expectations 03rd Feb 2021Whole School
Virgin Money Giving update - Voluntary Fund 01st Oct 2021Whole School
Virtual Concerts and other musical achievements 31st Mar 2021Whole School
Virtual Mid-Term Concert 23rd Oct 2020Whole School
Wellbeing 13th Sep 2021Whole School
Wellbeing Hub for Students 11th Mar 2021Whole School
Wellbeing talk to parents Feb 4 29th Jan 2021Whole School
Wellbeing week, commencing 1st Feb 25th Jan 2021Whole School
World Town Planning Day Competition (Yrs 7 - 12) 23rd Oct 2020Whole School
Year 10 – Year 13 Ofqual guidance document: Awarding Qualifications Summer 2021 13th May 2021Whole School
Year 10–Year 13 Only - ‘Newsquest’ – an opportunity for young reporters. 23rd Sep 2021Whole School
Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 Exams and Assessments 2022 05th Oct 2021Whole School
Year 13 Mock Exams - Timetable 04th Dec 2020Whole School
Year 7 and Year 8 KS3 Science - reading suggestions 04th Oct 2021Whole School
Year 7 and Year 8 KS3 Science Resources 04th Oct 2021Whole School
Years 9 – Year 11 - 2021 UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge 26th Jan 2021Whole School
Yer 10 - 13 Assessments, IPMs and Exams 15th Dec 2020Whole School
Yr 10 - Yr 13 - Summer Qualifications Policy 2021 20th Apr 2021Whole School
Yr 10 - Yr 13 - Summer Qualifications Policy 2021 - Letter from Mr Budds 20th Apr 2021Whole School
Yr 10 - Yr 13 Guidance for Students and Parents/Carers on Summer 2021 qualifications 29th Mar 2021Whole School
Yrs 10 - 13: Exam Grades Guidance 2021 31st Mar 2021Whole School