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Additional Resources

Some further websites relating to Wellbeing that you may find useful:



Free wellbeing Webinars

Daniel Spargo-Mabbs FoundationDrug and Alcohol Awareness

Parents/Carers had the opportunity to attend a drug and alcohol awareness workshop webinar delivered by the drug education charity Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation. This was led by the Director and Founder of the charity, Fiona Spargo-Mabbs, and Asha Fowells, a pharmacist and DSM Foundation drugs educator. 

For those who were unable to access the webinar, we are pleased to share the following recording and guidance from March 2021:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Webinar recording 

Young People, Drugs & Alcohol: Making safer choices - info for Parents/Carers

Happy Maps - advice for families regarding their children’s behaviour or mental health issues


Young Minds – information and support on mental health for students and parents https://youngminds.org.uk/ 

Mentally Healthy Schools by the Anna Freud Centre -  a free Mental Health Information and resource hub for Secondary Schools in the UK: 


MindEd – sign up for free information and support on mental health for students and parents https://www.minded.org.uk/ 
Befrienders Worldwide – international charity to provide information and support on mental health https://www.befrienders.org/ 
Charlie Waller - Worldwide organisation that provides confidential support to people in emotional crisis or distress, or those close to them.

Kooth - Online Mental Wellbeing Community - 


Meetoo - Online Mental Wellbeing Community -

Positive Relationships

Annie Gavrilescu (She/They) - School of Sexuality Education

General support options LGBTQ+ support

Cyberbullying -  Advice for parents and carers on cyberbullying - provides advice and information about how they can protect their child from cyberbullying and how to tackle it if it happens.

 Stress Awareness Month - Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970 by someone living with agoraphobia, for those affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression. The following links offers guidance and advice:  https://www.anxietyuk.org.uk/class/stress-awareness-month/
The NHS have published 5 steps to improve your mental health and wellbeing during the current lockdown  

5 Steps to mental wellbeingNHS approved list of Apps for mental health support
These Apps are digital tools that have been assessed by the NHS. This means they meet the NHS quality  standards for clinical effectiveness, safety, usability and accessibility and has a supportive evidence base. 

NHS approved Apps

We are also delighted to share with you some work that Yasir Hafeez in Yr 13 has been doing for us in Art & Design.

As a graphics student he selected 'Mind' as a client and has created an A-Z of Wellbeing set of cards for them. (see link below)

Underneath each clean graphic he has hand-drawn and developed each of the logos/images individually producing, not only an impressive collection showcasing his artistic and design abilities, but also a highly effective resource to promote Wellbeing.

Our congratulations to him on this really impressive piece of work.  A-Z of Wellbeing Cards - created by Olavian Student Yasir Hafeez