Maths and science

Outreach Work

The aim of the St. Olave’s Outreach Programme is to engage with groups of year 5 students at local Primary Schools, boosting their confidence and resilience in the classroom and increasing the awareness and aspirations of pupil premium students in particular, that may not otherwise consider Grammar School entry.

"It really is such a valuable programme for the pupils... they make so many connections between the lessons that I teach and the St. Olave's sessions."
Year 5 Teacher, Manor Oak Primary School 

This programme runs fortnightly, from mid-October to early summer term, with both boys and girls and is designed to:

  • improve problem solving and build non-verbal reasoning skills
  • build the students’ confidence to express themselves in appropriate subject language
  • develop stamina and resilience when problem solving

St Olave's School Entrance Test for prospective Year 7s

The following links may prove helpful for pupils preparing for our Stage 1 & Stage 2 Entrance tests:

General details relating to the St. Olave's Grammar School Entrance tests (Yr 7 Entry)

An overview of topics included in the Stage 2 Mathematics Entrance test (Yr 7 Entry)

Stage 1 Entrance Test (SET) Sample Questions 

Stage 2 Entrance Test Sample Questions

Teachers and more recently year 7 boys from St. Olave’s visit local Primary Schools to deliver the programme, however due to the current restrictions placed on schools across the UK, we are investigating ways of providing online support to our partnered Primary Schools.