Form Reps

The Parent Association Form Representatives facilitate communication between parents and the school. Therefore any issues or suggestions can be raised on a confidential basis with the school via your Form Rep, which are discussed at the once-a-term meeting with Deputy Headteacher, Mr Budds.

The PA Form Reps meet regularly to discuss queries and feedback parent views to the School.

The Next Form Rep Meeting will be held on: Thursday, 13th June, 2024 between 6:00-7:00

All Form Reps to please collate & submit questions from their Form by: Tuesday 4th June 2024

Over the years, these meetings have been an invaluable forum benefiting both the school and the parents. Form Reps coordinate responses from parents/carers and report back on discussions following each meeting.

Full minutes of the Form Rep meetings are available HERE.

In addition, messages will be sent via the Form Reps which will include reminders of forthcoming events (that have been circulated via the school's email system "In Touch") and requests for donations or volunteers.

Answers to the most commonly asked questions are available HERE

Our Form Reps Coordinator is Neha Pandey, who can be contacted via the following link: