Environmental Society

EcosoctransparentRecent years have seen outstanding success for environmental progress within St. Olave’s, a testament to the widespread change that we can bring about when we unite behind a common cause. In 2016, the founding of Environmental Society saw the rekindling of the desire to take action within the school community.

The society became the steering group for the Eco-Schools programme at St. Olave’s, the largest international network of students and teachers in the world, spanning 67 countries and involving over 19 million students.

St. Olave’s had achieved the Eco-Schools Bronze Award in 2009 but it was only a decade later, in November 2019, that Environmental Society’s commitment to ameliorating the school’s impact on the local environment and thEco flage wider world led to the achievement of the prestigious Green Flag Award. 

After this achievement, we started 2022 with a spring in our step, eager to get our environmental projects back on track after the disruption of school closures and national lockdowns. Our plans to purchase and sell reusable water bottles to students throughout the school came into fruition at the start of this academic year. By working closely with the canteen team from The Pantry, we have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic being used to serve hot food, and the installation of juice dispensers is another exciting development to provide alternatives to single-use plastic products.  

On top of our Eco-Schools work, we have continued our cooperation with Year 10 and 11 Duke of Edinburgh volunteers in the Biology Garden, growing vegetables, composting food waste, and conserving the garden’s biodiversity. The redevelopment of the Scout Hut offers another opportunity to improve the school’s environment, with potential for the creation of a wildflower meadow behind where the tree saplings are now flourishing. 

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Achievements & Plans

All this comes as a result of the tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, and time contributed by many people from across the school community, including students of all years, teaching and support staff, governors, and parents, to whom we all owe an immense debt of gratitude, but particularly Miss Benham, the staff Eco-Coordinator. 

Individually, we can make a difference. Together, we are unstoppable.

Suzanna Wade (Y13), Nam Le (Y 12) and Eythan Soysa (Y11) - Student Co-Chairs