Pupil Premium Applicants

Each year, St. Olave’s offers up to 10 Year 7 places for boys who are in receipt of pupil premium (or have been at any point during the 6 years prior to applying to take our entrance test) - subject to proof of eligibility being provided to the School.

In order to qualify for this scheme, applicants must pass our Stage 1 Entrance Test (SET). All applicants who pass the SET must sit our Stage 2 Entrance Test in order to be considered for the offer of a place, but any who qualify under pupil premium will be entered into a separate ranking to the main pool of applicants.

This separate ranking will therefore be for a much smaller number of applicants therefore increasing the likelihood of the offer of a Year 7 place at the School.

Please contact Admissions for further details and also refer to the following page of our website: Pupil Premium - St. Olave's Grammar School for more general information about pupil premium students.

Our Parents Association page provides information about booking one of their mock tests for free (subject to proof of pupil premium status).

You may also find the following information relating to our Outreach Work with local primary schools helpful.