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In order for the Governing body to consider an application for Year 7 Entry you are required to complete two forms:

An Online Application Form available in September from the Local Authority where you live. This must include St.Olave’s in your order of preference.  Please refer to your Local Authority’s website for further information and the deadline.

The School’s Online Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which registers your son to sit the SET. The SIF must be submitted by the School’s published deadline (normally earlier than the date set for submission of the Local Authority's Form).

Entrance to Year 7 is via a two stage process sat at the School which determines whether or not candidates are of the School’s required standard for a selective education. The process is academically demanding and parents/carers should bear this in mind when considering an application.

One hundred and twenty four places are available in Year 7 and 1537 applications were made for 2024 Entry.  Places are offered by your Local Authority on National Offer Day on the basis of ranking in the Entrance Test and parental preference indicated on the Local Authority's Form.