Social Mobility -Yr 7 Entry

Within our Admissions Policy, we have endeavoured to help support high ability students from a range of social and economic backgrounds, and in particular able, clever children who do not have the same opportunity to succeed as those from more privileged backgrounds.

This means that following the SET, the top 450 students will be invited to take the Stage 2 test and if 10 of these students are in receipt of Pupil Premium and sit the Stage 2 test, they will automatically be offered a place at St. Olave’s.

Boys in receipt of Pupil Premium are those who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the six years prior to the closing date for test registration. Documentary evidence to support such an application will be required from the current primary school as evidence of Pupil Premium at the point when a boy is registered to sit the Selective Eligibility Test.

We have identified a Pupil Premium Champion on our staff to support the transition of students and break down the barriers and myths around being in a grammar school. The work they do includes regular meetings with groups of students, individual monitoring of progress and attendance, availability at unstructured times of the day to provide intervention, assistance and guidance. The Pupil Premium Champion also works with families to ensure the cost of transport, school trips and uniform are not prohibitive factors to children applying for or securing a place at St. Olave’s.

Any parent or carer who would like to know more about how we support Pupil Premium students at St. Olave’s should contact the Admissions Team and see our associated website page:

Pupil Premium

We are happy to engage in a genuine dialogue with parents, primary Headteachers and students about how to promote more social mobility and make a reality of increased numbers of children from disadvantaged backgrounds in our school.

Andrew Rees