Post Exams

Summer Examination Results

Examination results days for 2020/21 are  

Autumn 2020 Exams:  
A-Level Results 17 December 2020
AS-Level Results 17 December 2020
GCSE Results (English Language & Maths) 14 January 2021
GCSE Results (all other subjects) 11 February 2021
Summer 2021 Exams:  
A-Level Results 24 August 2021
AS-Level Results 24 August 2021
GCSE Results 27 August 2021

Autumn 2020 exam results will be sent to candidates by email (via In Touch) on the dates above.

Details on the distribution of Summer 2021 results will be available nearer the time.

Examination Board Post-Results Services

The examination boards offer various services for candidates unhappy with the outcome of examinations. Strict deadlines apply and will be detailed on the request forms.

Review of marking

For all reviews of marking, mark changes will only be made where the mark scheme has been incorrectly applied. Where a University place is dependent on the outcome of the review a Priority Review can be requested, this will have a completion target of 15 days, other reviews have a completion target of 20 days. It is important to remember that any review can result in marks going down, up or staying the same. Candidates must sign to say that they are aware of this before we can apply for a review of marking. This service cannot be used for internally marked units.

Further details and forms are available below for Autumn 2020 results.


Candidates can obtain copies of their scripts. Priority scripts can be obtained for candidates/teachers to look at before applying for a Review of marking. Non-Priority Scripts may not be dispatched until after the review deadline and can be applied for to aid candidates with future exams. Reviewed scripts can also be obtained if requested with the review of marking.

Further details and forms are available below for Autumn 2020.


(January 2021): Due to Covid 19 restrictions and the current school closure, Summer 2020 and Summer 2019 Certificates for leavers are not currently able to be collected from school. As soon as the situation allows, instructions for collection will be re-published here. 

Exam board regulations allow certificates not collected within twelve months to be destroyed. 

Please note that you are required to sign to confirm that you have received your certificates and that they are correct. If you are unable to collect your certificates yourself you will need to give authority for someone else to collect and check them on your behalf. This may be a letter addressed to Mrs Dixon or an email to stating who will collect your certificates.  The person collecting the certificates should bring evidence of their identity when collecting the certificates.

Certificates for students still attending St.Olave’s have been distributed via  Form Tutors.

For further information regarding collection of certificates please see link below. 

1. Collection of 2020 Examination Certificates


3. A/AS Level Review of Marking Form

4. A/AS Level Priority Script Request Form

5. A/AS Level Non-Priority Script Request Form


7. GCSE Review of Marking Form

8. GCSE Priority Script Request Form

9. GCSE Non-Priority Script Request Form