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Leavers' Destinations

Our leavers have justifiably high aspirations. Of those who left St. Olave's after A-Level in 2020, 85% received university or conservatoire places in the UK, USA or Europe when they left. The unique situation in 2020 meant that more students decided to take a gap year, with nearly 15% of the cohort opting to gain further experience through work or internships. Nearly 90% of our 2020 leavers received offers from Russell Group universities. University offers last 4 yrs 2020Over 10% received offers from Oxford or Cambridge, and 20% received offers for Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine.

As of January 2019 of the 232 students in Year 13, 95% have applied through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Of those who have applied, over 80% have already received an offer from one or more Russell Group universities and virtually all of the rest are still waiting to hear back from at least one university. 28 Oxbridge offers were made to Olavians this year covering a wide variety of subjects, including Biochemistry, Biology, Economics, Engineering, Geography, History, History & Politics, Land Economy, Maths, Medicine, Natural Sciences, PPE, Physics, and Psychology & Behavioural Sciences.

Leavers Destinations 2019 2020