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Main School Library


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The Main School Library caters for students in Years 7 to 11 and is open daily during break times (10.40 am - 11.00 am) and lunchtimes (12.40 pm - 1.40 pm)

It houses a myriad of both fiction and non-fiction books to facilitate the academic requirements of the school curriculum and to assist in the pursuit of reading for pleasure.

The Main Library stocks daily copies of 'The Times' and 'The Guardian' and a collection of magazines, graphic novels, and journals. Several desktops are available and access to black and white printing. There are two separate quiet areas: one for study, homework and research and the other for reading.

There are a number of rotating book related events and celebrations such as World Book Day, National Poetry Day, International Language Day and a regular timetable of competitions and book displays.

New resources are consistently added to the library catalogue and access to the school's library system (Reading Cloud) is available via the Students/Staff 'quick links' drop down menu on the front page of this website and via following link:

The Main School Library is a well utilised, diverse, area enjoyed by students from both the lower and middle years.

Years 7 - 11 student can:

  • Take out THREE books at one time.
  • Renew those books TWICE.
  • Have books for 28 days.

All  books can be renewed by EITHER:

  • Filling out a LIBRARY FORM (found on the library desk) 
  • By emailing the Librarian (see below)

    Please email the Librarian if you have any queries regarding any aspect of the libraries at