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Sixth Form

We welcome applications to Year 12 from boys and girls whose sixteenth birthday falls between 1 September and 31 August (inclusive) of the academic year in which the Sixth Form Entrance Test is sat. If their fifteenth birthday falls within this period, boys or girls may apply provided they are in Year 11 at secondary school and a letter of recommendation is received from their Headteacher. Entry for these students would be at the discretion of the Governors. Boys and girls may sit the Test once only. Students in any age range other than those mentioned above will not be allowed to sit the Test. All applicants must have the legal right to be resident in the United Kingdom at the start of and for the duration of their A‑Level programme.

Dates/events published on this website may need to be re-scheduled/cancelled due to the current Government guidelines at the time. We will update details on the website accordingly, as soon as we are able to do so. We hold a Sixth Form Open Evening in November for external students interested in joining Year 12 in the following September.

The Sixth Form Entrance test is held in the February of the year of entry. Please see the sub menus for further information.

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