Wider Reading: University

Wider reading is a personal exploration of the subjects you enjoy. It will show your A-level examiners that you have a broad understanding of the subject and give you confidence in answering exam questions.

Wider reading also helps students develop key skills such as critical thinking, academic research and independent study and is invaluable when demonstrating your passion and interest to support applications to continue your studies at Higher Education, be it at university or competitive apprenticeships or when applying for a role directly in the workplace.

The following suggested lists of wider reading have been taken from some of the universities of our current "Top Leavers' Destinations" which we hope you will find useful. (Some reading lists will only be available once you have secured your place at university).

University of Cambridge Imperial College King's College
UCL Durham Oxford
Warwick Bristol Manchester
Nottingham Southampton Exeter

For more information, please use the following external link:

What does 'wider reading' mean? : Unifrog Blog









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