Sixth Form Library

Sixth Form Library

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The Sixth Form Library is open daily from 8.30am to 4pm.

It is used exclusively by Years 12 to 13 primarily as an area for silent study. It caters for a wide variety of ‘A’ Level subjects and is focussed on preparing the students towards their next step of learning and higher education.

Here, the students can find an extensive range of academic materials to support the school’s curriculum and their ‘A’ Levels studies. These include text and reference books, journals, periodicals, and a relevant selection of modern fiction. There is access to several computers, a black and white printer, and photocopying facilities, all of which are located within the library space.

The Sixth Form Library also provides information regarding careers and university prospectuses to assist our students making their university choices. St Olave’s has a consistent reputation for applications and offers to both Oxbridge and Russell Group universities each year. This is supported within the library by stocking a selection of appropriate university guides and suitable material recommended by Oxford and Cambridge and Russell Group universities.

The Sixth Form offers a wide range of literature, classic fiction, and contemporary authors and receives a daily copy of both ‘The Times’ and ‘The Guardian’ newspapers.

It is a diverse, well utilised, tranquil, and generous space for our students to work, study, read and/or research.

Years 12 & 13 students can:

  • Take out SIX books at one time.
  • Renew those books FOUR TIMES.
  • Borrow books for 28 days at a time.

All books can be renewed by EITHER:

  • Filling out a LIBRARY FORM (found on the library desk).
  • By emailing the Librarian (see below).

Please email the Librarian if you have any queries regarding any aspect of the libraries at: