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Wellbeing Journals

'INSIGHT' Wellbeing Journals

Over the last 5 years our students have produced an annual wellbeing journal. The 'INSIGHT' cross curriculum journals, fantastic and a testament to our amazing student body, uniting the Olavian community through exploring the importance of wellbeing.

All proceeds made from the sale of these publications are donated to MIND and we are delighted to share them via the following links:

INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 1INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 2INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 3INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 4

INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 5INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 6

INSIGHT Wellbeing Journal - Issue 7

We are also delighted to share some work that Yasir Hafeez in Yr 13 has been doing for us in Art & Design.

As a graphics student he selected 'Mind' as a client and has created an A-Z of Wellbeing set of cards for them. (see link below)

Underneath each clean graphic he has hand-drawn and developed each of the logos/images individually producing, not only an impressive collection showcasing his artistic and design abilities, but also a highly effective resource to promote Wellbeing.

Our congratulations to him on this really impressive piece of work.  

A-Z of Wellbeing - created by Yasir Hafeez (Yr13)