Does St. Olave's have a catchment area?

The School does not operate a catchment area.

My son/daughter has a SEND or medical need. When do I inform the School?

Should your child be offered a place, please inform the school upon acceptance of that place.  

Where do I find information about A-Level (KS5) courses at the School? 

Please refer to the Curriculum Tab of this website and see Subject Information

KS5 information is shown for each subject.

When are offers made?

Offers will be made the day after GCSE results day on a rolling basis until all places are filled and will be conditional upon: 

  • meeting the criteria for entry as set out in our Admissions Policy for year of entry (see Admissions page). 
  • for non-UK applicants: providing proof of the legal right to be resident in the United Kingdom at the start of and for the duration of the A-Level programme. 

How do I appeal against the Governors decision not to offer my son/daughter a place?

Parents/Carers have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. Information on how to go about this can be found by contacting Admissions who will give details of the independent appeals clerk.