Does St. Olave's have a catchment area?

The School does not operate a catchment area.

What it the format of the Entrance tests?

Each applicant will be required to sit papers in the four subjects that they wish to study in the Sixth Form. The papers are aimed at GCSE students and the topics they are currently studying, irrespective of examining board. They are designed to ascertain whether candidates are of a comparable standard of ability to our internal applicants. Guidance notes will be provided prior to the Test Day.

What happens if my son/daughter is unwell on the day of the Test?

If your son/daughter is unwell on the day of the Test you must inform the School no later than the day of the Test, either by email or telephone. Please note that a doctor’s certificate will be required to confirm illness as the reason for non-attendance at the Entrance Test. Subject to receiving appropriate documentary evidence, an alternative day will be offered.

My son/daughter has a SEND or medical need. When do I inform the School?

Details of any special educational need, disability, known medical needs, or other circumstances which may require positive action on the day of the Test must be uploaded with the Online application form.

Where do I find information about A-Level (KS5) courses at the School? 

Please refer to the Curriculum Tab of this website and see Subject Information

KS5 information is shown for each subject.

When are offers made?

Offers will be made by the end of March and will be conditional upon:

  • meeting the criteria for entry as set out in our Admissions Policy for year of entry (see Admissions page).
  • for non-UK applicants: providing proof of the legal right to be resident in the United Kingdom at the start of and for the duration of the A-Level programme.

How do I appeal against the Governors decision not to offer my son/daughter a place?

Parent(s)/Carer(s) have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel. Forms are available from Admissions or via the Clerk to The Appeal Panel care of the School.  Please note that appeals are seldom successful. Places are offered as set out in our Admissions Policy for year of entry.