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World Challenge

St. Olave's works in conjunction with World Challenge to organise expeditions around the world for students, who have the opportunity to take on a Junior (two-week expedition in even years i.e. 2022) or Senior (four-week expeditions in odd years i.e. 2023) expedition. The expeditions are broken into 5 phases - Preparation and fundraising, Acclimatisation, Community Project Work, Trekking and Rest & Relaxation each of which provide students with a wealth of invaluable new skills, experiences, and extraordinary memories.

Expeditions are self-funded (an integral part of their ethos) and students are encouraged to raise the money themselves over an 18-month period.  On average, students raise 80% of their expedition fee themselves.   

World Challenge have over thirty years of experience. Guided by an adult leadership team, they aim to support students to step out of their comfort zones, empowering them to lead their own expedition groups, manage their own budget, plan meals, accommodation, and travel and itinerary. 

From tough treks to experiencing new cultures, the day-to-day challenges encourage students to develop invaluable life skills and build deeper confidence, resilience, and collaborative teamwork. 

Past expeditions have travelled to Ecuador, Croatia, and Nepal whilst this year's Junior Challengers are travelling to Norway (Covid -19 allowing). 

Further details can be found on the World Challenge website: https://weareworldchallenge.com/uk/

Further details can be found on the World Challenge website:

World Challenge 

Please contact  Miss Benham, the World Challenge co-ordinator within school for further details: