Joining Yr 12 in 2023

The information below will been made available for Year 11 Olavians who, pending GCSE results, will be continuing onto Sixth Form and for those Year 11 students hoping to join from other schools who receive a confirmed offer of a place following GCSE results day.

Offers of places will be made to external applicants, following GCSE Results day in August 2023.

Our School Policies are published here

Information for students commencing Autumn Term 2023


If you are an EXTERNAL student hoping to secure a place in Year 12 for 2023 Entry, you are advised to check back here, should you receive a confirmed offer, following GCSE results day.

Year 12 Information for Autumn Term 2023 commencement (to be published shortly) 

Elective Options for students commencing autumn Term 2023

As part of the Year 12 curriculum, students are required take one additional subject which forms the Year 12 ‘Elective’ programme. This programme is in addition to studying four main academic subjects and provides an opportunity for greater enrichment within the curriculum. Students can choose from a range of options within the programme.

Please see the following link - which is only accessible for students whose Sixth Form place has been confirmed.

Year 12 Elective Options Guide 2023 (to be published shortly)

Bridging work (for students commencing Autumn Term 2023)

All students who are intending to join the Sixth Form at St. Olave’s are encouraged to complete the transition work below, which, whilst optional, has been set for the purpose of enrichment and to better prepare you for the commencement of your studies at St. Olave's.

Students may be interested to know that there will be a second-hand revision guide sale during the first week of the term, where 'as-good-as-new' guides will be sold for half the rrp - an opportunity to minimize the environmental impact of supporting your A-Level studies.


Bridging Work


Letter to Students

Task 1 - Cells and Microscopy

Task 2 - Biological Molecules

Task 3 - Transport


Welcome and Course information

Bridging Work

Classical Civilisation

Bridging Task 

Computer Science

Induction Information Booklet

Bridging Work

Design and Technology

Yr 11 to 12 Transition Work

Yr 11 to 12 Transition Sketching


Welcome, Introduction and Bridging Work

English Literature

Welcome from the English Department

Making the Leap - emag - Resource Pack


Bridging Work Yr 11 to Yr12

French AS and A Level course Overview and Exam information

Brochure Grammaire 


Bridging Work


Course Information

Yr11 to 12 Grammar Booklet

Deutschland historical background

Deutschland Fragen Zu Allen Folgen


Bridging Work


Latin Bridging Work

Write like a Roman Exercises 1

Write like a Roman Exercises 2

Write like a Roman Extension 2

Write like a Roman Answer Key


Course content and Bridging work

To ensure that you are ready to start your A level mathematics we recommend that you work through the MEI Bridging tests using the following link:

MEI Bridging Tests


Welcome and Important Information

Listening Bridging Work

Composing Bridging Work


Welcome from Physics Dept

Yr 12 Taster Lesson

Physics bridging Tasks 

Religious Studies

Bridging Work 

Downloadable documentation for 2023 Entry:

Please note: The following links relate to our 2023/24 cohort ONLY and will be published as they become available - please check back here regularly, once you have a confirmed offer of a place.

1. Uniform Policy

From the Music Department

2.0 Letter regarding Co-Curricular Music Tuition (2023-24 cohort)

2.1 Information regarding Individual Co-Curricular Music Lessons at School (2023-24 cohort)

2.2 Application Form for Co-Curricular Music Lessons (2023-24 cohort)

2.3 Co-Curricular Music - Tuition FAQs (2023-24 cohort)

From the PE Department

3.  Mouthguards - (2023-24)

3.1 Mouthguards - OPRO Leaflet for parents/carers (2023-24)


Other Information

4. Pupil Premium letter from the Headteacher (2023-24)

5. Schedule of Key Dates 

6. Letter from The PA

7. School Journeys, Educational Visits Policy

8. Travel to School