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Celebrating Sports

Inspiring Growth through Sport

Sport plays a huge part in the Olavian community, and whether playing competitively or just for fun, all students are given the opportunity to try something new and represent the school during sporting fixtures.

Each year we celebrate the efforts and achievements of students who have represented the school in their sporting endeavours during our Annual Sports Dinner.

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We also take great delight in congratulating our players whose endeavours are recognised and placed in either our Rugby or Cricket 'Team of the Week’ depending on the playing season. (please see announcement below for our latest team honours).

The 'Team of the Week' is made up of students from all age groups who performed well at weekend matches. Players are chosen if they excel within their team or year group, and are nominated by their coaches. Importantly, the ethos of sport at St. Olave’s is that every pupil, no matter their standard, will have the opportunity to reach his full potential. Each player will get the highest standard of coaching available and irrespective of what team he represents on a Saturday or during the week, he will be given an equal opportunity to achieve his individual goals. It is a testament to the enthusiasm of the boys that we regularly put out 11 teams.

Thank you to all the players who represent the school at weekends as well as the parents for transporting their sons and supporting on the touchline. It is very much appreciated.

Well done to everyone selected for our Rugby/Cricket Team of the Week. We are very proud of you. This week's Team of the Week is: