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Wellbeing Hub page15 Oct 2021 - in tis week's Teen Tips:

Teen Tips are dedicating a month to the topic of self-harm to ensure you get all the resources you need. To start, they have recorded a webinar with a leading expert on self-harm, Satveer Nijjar. Satveer is the founder of 'Attention Seekers Training', a CPD Accredited Self-Harm Awareness course, and the winner of ‘Most Inspirational Person of the Year’ at the Midland’s Business Community and Charity Awards. This webinar is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge on a topic that is often misunderstood and stigmatised. It will also help to improve responses to disclosures of self-harm

Last week’s Teen Tips:

In this week’s Teen Tips, there is an interesting podcast on: Self-Harm and How To Support Young People with Helen Burns of Papyrus. They talk to Helen Burns of Papyrus, the national charity for the prevention of young suicide, about suicide and what we can do to help young people who are at risk. They look at the language to use when discussing suicide, how to talk to someone you are concerned about, how to spot the signs that someone might be at risk and what to do.

Previous teen tips, for those who missed it: 

An interesting podcast on: Academic Success & Metacognition. They discuss what a metacognitive toolkit is and how it equips young people with the understanding of the thinking processes needed to face a challenge or problem. Arabella explains how we can help young people develop a great habit of mind, which according to Costa and Callick, underpins the actions of every successful person. Finally, they discuss how to use deliberate practises to ensure young people succeed.