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The PantryWe are delighted to welcome our new catering service partner The Pantry.

Parents/Carers will continue to use the online payment system sQuid to top up their child's catering purse account. 

From September 2021, students and staff will no longer use fobs when purchasing their food. Instead, they will be issued with a bespoke pin number, unique to each diner and account.

During September, The Pantry will also be introducing facial recognition to diners’ accounts. (There will be further information about this circulated shortly).

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the pantry - Menus and tariffs

The Pantry - Menu

The Pantry - Cold Grab and Go

The Pantry  - Mid-Morning Break

The Pantry - Sweet Station

The Pantry - Drinks Menu

The Pantry - Deals

The Pantry are always open to feedback. Comments or queries can be directed via email or via phone (8 am - 5 pm).

Tel: 0208 813 7040

Dsc 3395For information regarding The Pantry's refund procedure please email: with the subject ‘Refunds’ quoting, the Students Full Name, Form, Bank Account Holders Full Name, Sort Code, and Account Number.

Please allow seven working days to apply the refund via BACS.


special dietry needs

The Pantry's Nutritional Team are happy to accommodate any special dietary requests, so if you require any further information on their meals, or an adjustment to be made, simply complete their Special Request Form: or contact us on

school catering - payment

The School operates an entirely online, cashless operation, which uses a unique pin code/facial recognition.  All Olavian accounts will contain an electronic 'purse' used to top up payments for food at School (as well as a Trips and Offers 'purse' for other payments).

Parents'/Carers' are invited to set up a sQuid account when joining the school.

To add funds/top-up your child's catering purse, please access the online portal via the Parent/Carer quicklinks (top left corner on the front page of this website) or via: 

sQuid login

To check if your child is eligible for free school meals, please select the following link:

Is my child eligible for Free School Meals?

General information regarding sQuid

Information is available via the following links:

Help with sQuid

In the unlikely event that you encounter any difficulties with sQuid there are points of contact identified on their website.

If you experience any general difficulties with the workings of a sQuid account please contact sQuid via: you have any specific difficulties with the operation of your individual account, the quickest and most secure method of seeking help is to email or phone 

If you have unused eMoney that you wish to have refunded, or if you wish to close your sQuid account, you can do so by writing to them at: