COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We continue to work very closely with the Local Authority to ensure that the risk to students and staff attending school is as low as possible.

Please see the following, which will be updated as required, should the situation change.

Risk Assessment & management

COVID 19 Risk Assessment - January 2022COVID 19 - Management Plan 2021Latest updates

Covid 19 Update - Letter to Parents/Carers - 26 January 2022COVID 19 Update - letter to Parents/Carers/Students - January 2022

Lateral Flow Testing

Select this link to report your Lateral Flow Test to the GOV site and to the School

Covid 19 - Lateral Flow Testing

Covid 19 - Lateral Flow Testing - Privacy Notice

Self Isolation

Students and Staff must follow the current Government guidance:

Current Government Guidance

Travelling to School

Back to School Infographic - March 2021

Southeastern Guidance for School Travel

Remote learning

St. Olave's School Online Safety Protocol