Lockdown Chronicles

The Olavian Lockdown Chronicles - Part 1

During the Spring/Summer national Lockdown the History Department decided to create a historical record of the unique experiences the Olavian community had of school life, during the Covid-19 “Lockdown”. Parents/Carers students and staff were invited to submit their thoughts, reflections, or experiences for inclusion in our unique “Lockdown Chronicles – Part 1”.

The purpose of the Lockdown Chronicle was to create a historical record that detailed our experiences of school life at St. Olave’s during the Covid-19 lockdown. By asking for contributions from across the Olavian Community, we hoped to capture the broadest possible range of thoughts, feelings and emotions on how school life changed during these unprecedented times. We hope the Lockdown Chronicle will serve as a record for future generations of Olavians, which they can explore and learn from, when they reflect on the pandemic.

Mr Espejo, helped by his Year 12 historians helped curate the submissions and compiled a magazine that will be printed and also made available electronically to serve as the historical record of St. Olave’s during this period.

In the event the country or London is put into a lockdown again, we will re-visit this idea and create “Part 2” as a means of capturing the changing thoughts and feelings of our community again.